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In 2013, I Plan to Cash In

Assuming the world is still turning after 12/12/12, it will be time to start laying the groundwork for financial success. Some will choose to do it in the stock market; others will choose other avenues. As for myself, I’ve got my own ideas. Namely, I’m getting ready to cash in one of two schemes – […]

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5 Things You’re Already Paying For That You Can Save Money On

There are five things just about all of us are already paying for but that, with some intelligent thinking and planning, we can all save substantive amounts of money on. If we all try hard enough, we can keep much more of our hard earned money. Then we’ll have enough money left over to spend […]

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Tips for Planning a Successful Personal Budget

If you are someone who loves to have fun, and if you love living in comfort, the idea of budgeting might be a little scary for you. To many people, budgeting means living on a strict regimen where all of the fun and luxury is cut out of their lives. That was what I thought, […]

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Save Money on Road Trips

Road Trip

If you’re living on a budget, you likely scoff at the suggestion of taking a road trip. The high cost of gas alone could put you over budget, not to mention shelling out big bucks for hotel stays and recurring fast-food meals. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Follow these quick tips to […]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting a Personal Budget

Broken Piggybank

It is something that so many of us do, but most of us don’t stick with it. No, I’m not talking about vowing to lose ten pounds as a New Years’ resolution, although that might fit. I’m talking about budgeting. Many people have no trouble making a budget, and most of us have made many […]

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